Jennings Must Go

This post is not safe for work. The fact that it also involves the Obama administration’s “safe schools czar,” Kevin Jennings, means that Mr. Jennings must go.

It’s sort of old news now. Jennings was the keynote speaker at a Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conference for high schoolers as young as 14 years old. During that conference, kids learned about fisting and golden showers (feel free to look them up, but if you don’t know, I ain’t tellin’ ya). They learned where they could find the most happenin’ gay bars (mind you, none of them could legally get in). And they learned how to avoid all the mess that could result from having sex in a public park.

The leftists at Media Matters think this is a non-scandal. Gateway Pundit (along with many, many others) disagrees and promises that there is even more to come.

There doesn’t need to be more. Jennings should be fired and he should be fired right now. There should be no need for pending legislation that calls on President Obama to fire Mr. Jennings; he should have done it as soon as this scandal broke. The fact that he has not tells you more about what he thinks is appropriate “sex education” and what he really thinks about “safe schools” than anything he has said or will say.

But there is an even bigger point to be made here. Yes, Jennings should be fired — but he should never have been hired to begin with. The proliferation of unconfirmed and unaccountable czars has to stop. This is why the Senate is supposed to give its “advice and consent” to presidential appointments. Had Jennings faced a confirmation hearing and had this been revealed during the hearing (it would have), does anyone seriously think the Senate would have confirmed him?

I commend Republican Texas Rep. Michael Burgess for introducing H. Res. 966 to pressure the president to fire Mr. Jennings, and Congress should pass the resolution without delay. But we need more than a non-binding resolution that attacks a symptom rather than curing the disease. We need legislation that will end the bureaucratic nightmare of unconfirmed czars.

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