Islamist Watch: Islamists Gone Wild, MSM Can’t Be Bothered

Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s Islamists have gone wild:

Israel Matzav (h/t Atlas Shrugs) brings us the chilling news that Hamas has begun disinterring the bodies of Christians in the Gaza Strip. Why? “They pollute the earth.”

– At a seminar on domestic violence, a Saudi judge declared that it’s a-okay for Muslim men to slap their wives for spending too much while they’re shopping. We fully expect that the National Organization for Women (NOW) will respond as forcefully to this as it did to President Obama’s exclusion of women from his basketball games.

Gateway Pundit reports that the Iranian theocracy is cracking down on Tehran University students who burned photos of the late Ayatollah Khomeini.

Atlas Shrugs reports that Islamist terror group the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (yes, MILF — but not the good kind) attacked a jail in the Philippines and freed at least 31 prisoners.

– A male adulterer was stoned to death (h/t GayandRight) by Islamist rebels in Somalia. But don’t feel too bad for him; he was 48 and the girl he was committing adultery with was only 15. She received 100 lashes, even though in civilized sorry, imperialist societies this “adultery” would have been considered statutory rape.

– Writing for Family Security Matters (h/t The Two Malcontents), Margaret Hemenway draws our attention to the connections between the Department of Defense’s Muslim chaplaincy program and Islamist terrorism. Islamists have infiltrated our armed forces.

The Jewish Internet Defense Force (along with many others) brings us the news that a Muslim attacker bit Rabbi Dov Gruzman’s finger off after he presided over a public menorah lighting for Chanukah in Vienna, Austria. As JIDF notes, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that a Muslim attacker would bite someone’s finger off since the Qur’an told him to do it.

Sadly, we know already that we won’t hear much about any of this from the mainstream media. Sure, maybe a blurb here and there — but compare any sparse coverage of Islamists gone wild to Tigergate and you’ll see where their priorities lie. Besides, the emboldening of global Islamism and the explosion of Islamist violence doesn’t fit the narrative of the Peace Prize Presidency.

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