Some Perspective, Please

Dr. Jehuda Hiss, the chief pathologist at Israel’s top forensic institute, has admitted that Israel harvested the organs of slain Palestinians (along with IDF soldiers, Israeli citizens, and foreign workers) without the permission of their families (h/t Blue Collar Republican). The practice stopped a decade ago. Clearly, there is nothing that could justify this practice and Israelis — along with Jews the world over — who had no idea what was going on will now have to deal with the consequences of their government’s mistakes. One of those consequences will undoubtedly be a reinforcement of anti-Semitic libel*.

Still, some perspective, please:

“I’m horrified but I must say it’s comforting that it’s not only Palestinians whose organs were taken,” said Galia Golan, a professor of international relations and a longtime peace activist. “The real problem is what it shows about the level of morality in Israeli society. Here the Palestinians were just as much victims as the citizens of Israel.”

“…the level of morality in Israeli society”? Really?

You know, call me crazy, but nothing says immorality like encouraging your own people — including women and children — to walk into crowded areas and commit murder-suicide on a massive scale. Nothing says immorality like firing rockets into civilian areas, actually in the hopes of killing civilians. And you just get all the more immoral when you not only condone these war crimes, but declare them holy obligations mandated by your god.

Any discussion of “immorality in Israeli society” must be accompanied by a discussion of immorality in Palestinian society. When you put the two side by side and compare, the Israelis are still going to win the morality award every time. The basis of Palestinian nationalism, whether secular or religious in its focus, is the complete annihilation of Israel by whatever means necessary. Neither the secular Palestine Liberation Organization nor the Islamist Hamas will expunge the goal of eliminating Israel from their foundational charters.

To be sure, the practice of harvesting organs from anyone without permission is a heinous offense against the dignity of the human person (although, one could argue, no more heinous than destroying living embryos by harvesting stem cells from them and justifying it by saying “they were going to be destroyed anyway” — so choke on that for a while before you speak up to condemn Israel, leftists).

But let’s have some perspective. At least the victims in this situation were already dead. When a Palestinian terrorist sorry, I forgot, freedom fighter walks into a cafe or dance club and blows himself up, the civilians whose lives he is about to take are very much alive. We can all agree that harvesting someone’s organs without permission is gravely wrong. But we can never forget that the indiscriminate murder of innocent civilians in the name of a god is far worse.

– – –

* I’m not saying that anti-Semitic libel is ever justified, only that the actions of the Israeli government will likely exacerbate such libel. And before you release a firestorm of condemnation, please bear in mind that I have declared myself a Zionist and Benjamin Netanyahu is my favorite foreign leader. That will be all.

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