Strickland Trumps Obama’s Arrogance

Believe it or not, there is a Democrat in America who is more arrogant than President Obama. America, meet Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland:

Asked to grade his performance this year, the Democratic leader, heading into a crucial 2010 re-election campaign, coolly said, “certainly a solid B.”

Care to explain such a high mark, governor?

“Well, it’s because I’m too humble to say a solid A,” Strickland said in an interview with The Plain Dealer Monday. “But I think the affairs of this state have been managed responsibly in the midst of the most serious economic recession in many, many decades.”

The emphasis is mine. Let me briefly unpack this for you: Strickland doesn’t really think he deserves a B, he thinks he deserves an A. He’s just too humble to say so (even though, well, he kind of did).

Third Base Politics points out all the many reasons Strickland deserves a big, fat F. Among them are a 10.6% unemployment rate (up a whopping 36% in just one year) and a 4.2% tax increase to solve a budget crisis that was put off until literally the very last minute. We’ve lost jobs, we’ve raised taxes — and the worst part is that Strickland reveals in the very same interview that he has no real plan for improvement. But then, how do you improve on an A a solid B?

Thankfully, the governor doesn’t get to grade himself. That’s our job. Let’s not just give him an F; let’s tell him he’s expelled.

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