Merry Christmas, Rob Simmons: McMahon’s WWE “Rocked the Vote” for Barack Obama

New polling shows that former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) CEO Linda McMahon has a three point lead over her Republican primary opponent for Connecticut’s U.S. Senate seat, Rob Simmons. This is a major development for the McMahon campaign, which has been looking to take away Simmons’ widely recognized status as the front runner. She is also leading incumbent Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd by either two or six points, depending on whether you’re asking Quinnipiac or Rasmussen.

While McMahon has now demonstrated that she can beat both Simmons and Dodd, she has yet to demonstrate that she is principled enough to beat back President Obama’s big government agenda.

McMahon’s apparent lack of conservative bona fides has been a problem for her campaign time and time again. She has supported the TARP bailouts, eliciting the condemnation of at least one Connecticut state representative. She hedged when asked if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be tried in the United States, only belatedly stating her opposition two days later. She opposed the “stimulus,” but accepted about $3 million in government subsidies for the WWE — then turned around and laid off 10% of her workforce at the beginning of this year.

McMahon is pro-choice and has donated to the RINO PAC Republican Majority for Choice, and she and husband Vince McMahon have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats over the years — including now-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as recently as 2008.

Today, Linda McMahon has a new problem. From the Rust Belt has learned that, under McMahon’s leadership, the WWE’s Smackdown Your Vote project brought McMahon’s business into direct partnership with liberal youth organizations that got out the vote for Barack Obama and Democrats nationwide. These same organizations are now working to advance big government initiatives like ObamaCare and Cap and Tax, and one of them — Rock the Vote — has recently released a web ad encouraging teenagers and young adults to use their sexuality as a political tool to pressure others into supporting socialized medicine.

Much more, including screencaps, beneath the fold…

Smackdown Your Vote is billed as “an non-partisan campaign . . . [w]orking with several non-partisan partners.” But if you take a look at SYV’s network of partners, two actively pursue a liberal agenda while a third actually calls itself a “partisan political organization.”

The first of these supposedly “non-partisan partners” is Rock the Vote, prominently featured on the front page of the SYV website. SYV also gets its own category on the RtV blog.

Click to enlarge

Not only did SYV partner with RtV, the former promoted the latter’s Winning Young Voters, a handbook for capturing the youth vote:

Click to enlage

Gee, I wonder which candidate that helped?

As discussed in a previous post, Rock the Vote bills itself as a non-partisan organization to increase youth voter turnout — but it’s anything but non-partisan. Jehmu Greene, RtV president from 2000-2005, has been active in liberal Democratic politics before and after heading up the organization. RtV’s Political and Issues Director, Hans Riemer, was the National Youth Vote Director for Barack Obama’s primary campaign.

Indeed, RtV describes itself as “progressive.” We can see just what kind of progress RtV is pursuing in its recent “F the Vote” web ad, in which teenagers and young adults are encouraged to use their sexuality as a political tool for the advancement of ObamaCare. Warning: The following video is not safe for work.

Of course, this is not anything worse than you might see on a WWE program on any given night.

Next up is the League of Women Voters, another of SYV’s “non-partisan partners.” The following screencap of the very top of the LWV website says all that needs to be said about the LWV’s “non-partisanship.” And believe me, it only gets worse the further into the site you delve.

Click to enlarge

I’m sure you caught the four consecutive references to “health care reform,” including LWV’s support for the public option — flanked by a right and left sidebar also promoting ObamaCare. But don’t miss the reference to “global climate change” in the top lefthand corner. It’s clear that ObamaCare and Cap and Tax are at the very top of the agenda for one of Smackdown Your Vote’s “non-partisan partners.”

But we’ve saved the most egregious member of this “non-partisan” partnership for last. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

Click to enlarge

…the Young Democrats of America.

There are a number of ways that one could dismiss this. Maybe McMahon wasn’t directly involved in this project. Or maybe it was just good business. But those excuses aren’t going to fly. McMahon has cited her business as her qualification par excellence for the United States Senate, arguing that because she has experience running a business she knows what America needs to promote economic growth. Even as she makes this argument, she continually refuses to actually name the business that she ran, because she knows as well as everyone else that its programming is filled with violent and sexual content marketed to teenagers and young adults.

Her business is her supposed qualification, so let’s talk about her business. She just laid off 10% of her workforce after receiving about $3 million in taxpayer subsidies. She has used the profits from her business to give tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates, including President Obama’s current chief of staff. And now we learn that her business is partnered with liberal youth organizations that helped “rock the vote” for Barack Obama — including an organization that encourages teens and young adults to have sex and politicize their sexuality, and another that is actually affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Maybe Linda McMahon can beat Rob Simmons. Maybe she can even beat Chris Dodd. But we can’t have any confidence that she’ll fight tooth and nail to beat back Obama’s big government agenda, because she’s not a principled conservative or libertarian.

Ladies and gents, Linda McMahon is a RINO. She is an opportunist who would like to add the title of senator to her autobiography, and she sees a Senate seat she might be able to grab. Support for the bailouts. Hedging on show trials for terrorists. Taxpayer subsidies for her business. Donations to RINO PACs and tens of thousands to Democrats. And a business that is in league with the radical organizations who were busy last November getting out the vote for Barack Obama, and who are now ferociously advocating for his agenda. How much more Scozzafava can you get without actually being Dede Scozzafava?

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  • therealgeekmom  On December 23, 2009 at 10:52 am

    People vote for the name. They’ll see WWE and be all over that pathetic piece or RINO. How lame do you have to be to take money for an entertainment wrestling group? Yuck! If people aren’t watching the wrestling any longer then LET IT DIE.

  • Kei  On December 23, 2009 at 4:56 pm


    I followed your link to LR (Eric Dondero). I see myself about 15 years ago. Keep at it bud and you’ll be where I am (hopefully you will dodge all of the mistakes I made), Keep pushing for liberty and freedom!

    Best of luck and I am glad I found your blog.


  • […] I’ve written about Linda McMahon before. She is a less than ideal Republican candidate, to say the least, and certainly can’t be construed as the Tea Party candidate in Connecticut. She supported the TARP bailouts. She hedged when asked if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be tried in the United States, and only stated her opposition two days later, after Simmons had called her on it. She accepted $3 million in government subsidies for the WWE as its CEO, then laid off 10% of her workforce. She is pro-choice. She and husband Vince McMahon have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats over the years, most recently Rahmn Emmanuel — in 2008. […]

  • […] Merry Christmas, Rob Simmons: McMahon’s WWE “Rocked the Vote” for Barack Obama […]

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