State Rep. Seth Morgan Exploring Run for Ohio Auditor: Run, Seth, Run!

Rep. Seth Morgan

Run, Seth, run!

On the heels of Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich’s announcement that Ohio Auditor Mary Taylor will join his ticket as a candidate for lieutenant governor, there is news tonight that State Rep. Seth Morgan (R-Huber Heights) is exploring a run to replace Taylor as state auditor. Christopher Wimsatt, the communications director for the Ohio College Republican Federation (OCRF), has confirmed that Morgan has launched an exploratory committee and that the committee is already receiving favorable responses to his possible candidacy.

And for good reason. Like Taylor, Morgan is a certified public accountant (CPA) with the skills necessary to carry out the duties of state auditor. He has also been a consistent champion of government accountability and transparency. Last April, Morgan made news for suing the Strickland administration when it ignored two public records requests related to Strickland’s “evidence-based” education plan. In September he joined a lawsuit to prevent Strickland from implementing his unconstitutional plan to expand gambling. And in November, Morgan led a group of GOP representatives in presenting legislation seeking to reduce waste and increase accountability and transparency.

Why wouldn’t Ohioans want someone with Seth Morgan’s record running the office that is responsible for holding both state and local governments accountable?

Morgan also boasts an impressive list of accomplishments, having been elected to the Huber Heights City Council in 2001 at the age of 23. Three years later he was selected as Huber Heights vice-mayor. In 2006 he won the Dayton Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 award recognizing Dayton leaders under the age of forty. He currently serves as the chairman of the Ohio House Policy Committee, which was created by Republicans to come up with common sense conservative solutions to the fiscal and economic woes Ohio faces and the Strickland administration has only exacerbated.

It’s been said by some that a Republican is probably a shoe-in for auditor once again in November. I don’t think we can ever afford to feel so comfortable, but even if that’s true we don’t want just any Republican in such an important office. We need an auditor who will follow in Mary Taylor’s footsteps, with an equally passionate commitment to accountability and transparency. The Kasich-Taylor ticket has been described as a “one-two punch” in Ted Strickland’s direction. Add Seth Morgan and you add another sock in Strickland’s jaw. We need to throw everything and the kitchen sink at Strickland and Ohio Democrats in November. Consider Seth Morgan the kitchen sink.

We don’t just want Seth Morgan for Ohio auditor. If we want to ensure government accountability and transparency and victory for our principles and policies, this is the moment that we need Seth Morgan for Ohio auditor. Run, Seth, run!

UPDATE: Welcome Riehl World View readers. This weekend I will also be covering a trip that fifteen members of the Ohio University College Republicans are making to Massachusetts, going door to door for Scott Brown’s victory on Tuesday. Stay tuned for that!

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  • Jeff Wellbaum  On January 16, 2010 at 11:53 am

    Rep. Morgan,

    Consider me a supporter for your run for State Auditor.


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