59-41-0: The Only Numbers That Matter

Fifteen of my fellow Ohio University College Republicans (OUCR) are headed to Boston, Massachusetts to go door to door for Scott Brown today. They’re arriving at about 5 a.m., and then getting right to work about four hours later.

Who would have imagined when Scott Brown announced his candidacy that so much could happen so quickly? The fact that true, blue Massachusetts is so close to electing a Republican senator to fill the seat last held by Ted Kennedy, the fact that it’s close enough to bring college students from Ohio to hit the pavement to get out the vote — that just shows how truly dissatisfied Americans are with President Obama’s socialist agenda. Scott Brown will be the vote to halt that agenda in its tracks.

Sure, there are naysayers. I’ve already seen one prominent Republican blogger predict a narrow 51%-48% victory for Martha Coakley. I don’t care much for those numbers. The only numbers that matter to me and to the fifteen OUCRs headed to Boston are 59-41-0 — that is, 59 Democrats, 41 Republicans, ZERO ObamaCare. We can make that happen and we have to make it happen. If you can, head to Massachusetts. If you’re like me and you can’t make it, get on the phone for Scott Brown.

Scott Brown can be the next senator from Massachusetts, and the one vote who will make sure that we never see ObamaCare become law. But it’s up to us to make that happen.

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