Morgan Circulating Petitions — Announcement Soon?

According to Christopher Wimsatt, the communications director for the Ohio College Republican Federation (OCRF), State Rep. Seth Morgan (R-Huber Heights) is circulating petitions for Ohio Auditor. This development shows that Morgan is serious about entering this race, and I think it’s safe to say that we can expect official news of Morgan’s entry into the race soon.

I have already noted that Seth Morgan is the candidate Ohioans need for Auditor right now. One point I overlooked is that the Auditor is one of the officials who sit on the Apportionment Board in charge of redistricting, and with the census coming up this is no small matter. We need someone like Seth Morgan with his commitment to transparency and accountability serving on the Apportionment Board. When you contrast Morgan with the Democrat candidate for Auditor, Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper, you see a young conservative committed to responsible and accountable government versus an establishment liberal trying to buy his way into the Auditor’s office.

Who would you rather have in the Auditor’s office and serving on the Apportionment Board?

I repeat: Run, Seth, run! I’ve never been more excited about an Auditor’s race, because I think this is an opportunity to put together a winning conservative statewide ticket: John Kasich and Mary Taylor for Governor and Lt. Governor, Jon Husted for Secretary of State, Dave Yost for Attorney General, Josh Mandel for Treasurer, and now Seth Morgan for Auditor.

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