Tim Tebow Targeted By Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

BizzyBlog (cross-posted to NewsBusters) is blogging about attempts by feminazi brown shirts sorry, women’s groups to prevent a Focus on the Family ad that will feature Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother from airing during the Super Bowl. The controversy? The ad will apparently focus on the decision that Pam Tebow made in 1987 not to abort her fifth child against the recommendation of doctors in the Philippines after she became ill while there on a mission trip. Obviously pro-choice feminists view this ad as a threat. It might make women contemplating abortion think twice when they think about Tim Tebow, who went on to win the 2007 Heisman Trophy. He couldn’t have done that if he had never been born, and maybe women contemplating abortion will wonder what future their own children will miss out on.

This is, of course, an unacceptable message for pro-choice feminists. God forbid women make a thoughtful and well-informed decision about abortion. Better to scare the hell out of them and urge them ever forward toward the nearest Planned Parenthood clinic.

BizzyBlog notes that while the Associated Press described Focus on the Family as “conservative,” it made use of no such ideological descriptor for the so-called “women’s groups.” But — surprise! — they’re all part of the liberal/progressive/socialist machine. Take Jehmu Greene, for example, the president of the Women’s Media Center. She’s quoted by the AP: “An ad that uses sports to divide rather than to unite has no place in the biggest national sports event of the year — an event designed to bring Americans together.”

When I read the AP article, I thought to myself: Jehmu Greene? Jehmu Greene. Oh, Jehmu Greene? That Jehmu Greene? It was sort of like a mental Christmas in January, when my brain happily connected the dots that brings these women’s groups together with the Democrat establishment and supposedly non-partisan youth get out the vote organizations and reveals a giant left wing conspiracy. Turns out this particular left wing conspiracy has some rather radical views about our children and how they should view their sexuality. And the fact that these radicals are stupid enough to target one of the most popular college football quarterbacks in America and his mother? Well, that’s just a bonus!

Much more about Jehmu Greene, her radical ties, her connection to the Democrat establishment, and — another bonus — a reminder about the Connecticut Senate Republican primary all beneath the fold…

Before Jehmu Greene was the president of the Women’s Media Center, her claim to fame was serving for five years as the president of the supposedly non-partisan youth GOTV organization, Rock the Vote. As RtV president, Greene grew that organization’s membership from a meager 1,500 people to 1 million members. In case you’ve forgotten, this is how the organization that Greene fostered and turned into a powerhouse to get out the vote for Barack Obama thinks your kids should think about their sexuality as illustrated by this not safe for work video (which also features Susan Sarandon’s daughter, go figure):

You have to wonder what good ole’ Jehmu Greene thinks about this ad. To be clear, she wasn’t president of Rock the Vote when this ad was released. Still, if Greene is concerned about “[using] sports to divide rather than to unite,” one wonders what she thinks about encouraging teens and young adults to choose their sexual partners based on whether or not they supported President Obama’s scheme for socialized medicine.

It should be noted that while Greene is connected to the radically partisan Rock the Vote, she is also firmly connected to the Democrat establishment — including, for those of you who still think Hillary Clinton would have been any better than Obama, to Clinton’s 2008 primary campaign. Before turning Rock the Vote into the youth brainwashing machine it is today, Greene worked for the Democratic National Committee as its Director of Women’s Outreach and Southern Political Director. She worked on the Clinton/Gore campaign in 1996. She worked for the Democratic National Convention in 2004. Radical? Absolutely. But part of the Democrat establishment? Certainly.

What’s the point? The point is that the mainstream media wouldn’t tell you any of this. You’re not going to hear from the Associated Press that the radical feminist attacking one of the most famous college quarterbacks in America, who headed up an organization that now encourages our kids to use their sexuality as a political tool, also has deep ties to the Democrat establishment — including to our Secretary of State. People aren’t going to hear that from the Associated Press, but they need to hear it. Jehmu Greene’s radical agenda for youth and women isn’t just Jehmu Greene’s radical agenda. It’s the radical agenda of today’s Democrat Party.

You know what else you’re not going to hear from the mainstream media? You’re not going to hear how closely connected pro-choice Republican Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s WWE franchise is to Rock the Vote’s radical agenda. Somebody should ask Mrs. McMahon what she thinks about Focus on the Family’s ad.

Jehmu Greene, the Women’s Media Center, Rock the Vote, Susan Sarandon’s daughter, Hillary Clinton ’08, the Democratic National Committee, and pro-choice Republican Linda McMahon. And they want to talk about a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?

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    […] Update: From the Rust Belt unearths interesting info about the Women’s Media Center’s Jehmu Greene. The short […]

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