Mr. Christopher, We Still Have a Problem

On Tuesday, I took a step I had been reluctant to take in endorsing former U.S. Sen. Mike “RINO” DeWine for Ohio Attorney General. The reasoning behind my endorsement was that Sen. DeWine will still in the long run be better for Ohio than reelecting Democrat Richard Cordray. In making this endorsement, I dismissed the candidacy of DeWine’s new primary challenger, alleged Tea Party activist Steve Christopher.

I referenced a post at Right Ohio in which it was revealed that Christopher had donated thousands of dollars to DeWine’s past campaigns, including primary campaigns. I wondered why Christopher had found DeWine conservative enough to be our U.S. senator as recently as June 2004 (the date of his last donation), but doesn’t think he’s conservative enough for us now. I wrote: “I would rather have the devil I know for Attorney General than the devil I don’t. Why launch the career of another RINO politician? We’ve already got one.”

Well, Steve Christopher has responded to Right Ohio’s questions about his past donations:

Like a lot of conservatives, I misjudged the man. I also contributed and worked on campaigns for other guys. Some stayed true and some didn’t. You quit supporting the ones that sell out. Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils. You can get involved and try to influence the system or just sit back and watch as it gets worse.

Emphasis mine. We still have a problem, Mr. Christopher. You were still donating to DeWine’s 2006 failed reelection bid, even as most Ohio conservatives had come to the conclusion that DeWine was one of “the ones that sell out.” In fact, you donated a total of $1,105 to his primary campaign and another $10 to his general election campaign.

In your response to Right Ohio, you also fail to explain your $1,800 donation to the American Association for Justice PAC. We will need some explanation for why a conservative Tea Party candidate voted for a PAC that opposes badly needed tort reform.

This response doesn’t cut it. Mike DeWine is still the devil we know and Steve Christopher is still the devil we don’t. Representing one’s self as a Tea Party candidate doesn’t make one a Tea Party candidate, and donating to Mike DeWine as recently as his last failed election bid while also donating to a PAC opposed to tort reform certainly calls any alleged Tea Party credentials into question.

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