Yost Endorsed By “Gang of 5,” Other RINOs [UPDATED]

State Rep. Seth Morgan (R-Huber Heights) has recently been endorsed by 17 state legislators and the Cuyahoga County Republican Central Committee in his bid for Ohio Auditor of State. Frankly, the Morgan campaign is wracking up so many endorsements that it’s becoming difficult for little ole’ me to keep up with them all!

It’s been a little easier to keep track of Dave Yost’s endorsements. Until recently he had only the endorsement of the Ohio Republican Party and the Delaware County (his home county) Republican Central Committee, both of which were expected, as well as the Muskingum County GOP. His endorsements thus far have been so pathetic that Third Base Politics, an establishment Republican blog out of touch with everyday Ohioans, felt the need to weigh in and say that endorsements don’t matter at all. Of course, if Yost had all the endorsements, they would matter — since, according to our Ohioan-Virginian friend, his endorsements by the Ohio Republican Party and 16 Republican state senators apparently matter a great deal.

But wait, what did I just say? 16 Ohio state senators? Yep, in fairness to Dave Yost, he did finally receive some endorsements from Republicans in the Ohio Senate. But if you do a little digging — and really, I mean only a little — you quickly discover they’re not the kind of endorsements a truly conservative candidate for Auditor of State would actually want.

You see, Dave Yost has been endorsed by the infamous Gang of 5 — yep, all five of them — who voted with outgoing Gov. Ted Strickland and his Democrats to raise taxes to the tune of $900 million. Another five of these senators endorsing Yost have troubling voting records that variously include tax hikes, big spending, and statist paternalism.

So just what exactly do these big government, RINO Republican endorsements say about Dave Yost’s candidacy for Auditor of State? All of that, including a glimpse at these senators’ voting records, beneath the fold…

As mentioned, Yost has been endorsed by the Gang of 5. These are the five Republican senators who voted with Gov. Strickland and his Democrats to raise taxes to the tune of $900 million to fill the giant hole Strickland’s ineptitude left in the state budget. They are Ohio Senate President Bill Harris, John Carey, David Goodman, Tom Niehaus, and Mark Wagoner.

That’s troubling enough, but some of these senators’ records get even worse. And at least five other senators who endorsed Yost have disturbing records as well.

Take, for example, Tom Patton and Bill Seitz. They both favored a bill that would have prohibited the broadcast of 911 calls, even though 911 calls are public record. Here you have two Republican, supposedly conservative senators taking a shot at freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and transparency. Oh, and by the way, in 2007 Bill Seitz was named Tax Hiker of the Year by the snarky but accurate Republicans for Higher Taxes. Tom Patton has been busy too, trying to boss Ohio’s small businesses around by limiting the employment of independent contractors. Apparently, it’s more difficult to collect taxes from independent contractors, and these senators endorsing Yost do love collecting their taxes.

Then you have Chris Widener, who liked to go around bragging about his efforts to brutally massacre limit payday lending. Sure, it was a slap in the face to individual liberty and personal responsibility. It also limited consumer choice to larger banks — which, by the way, have turned out to be awesome — and hurt everyday, hard working Ohio families. But Widener is damn proud of it. And yes, Bill “Let’s Tax” Harris had his hand in this cookie jar as well.

Speaking of cookies, a number of these senators are concerned about exactly how many your kids might be eating. Kevin Coughlin and Jimmy Stewart (who is also wishy-washy on the Third Frontier corporate welfare program) have joined Harris and Goodman in cosponsoring a social engineering bill that paternalistically aims to use our schools to reduce childhood obesity. In part, the bill will require potentially humiliating measurement of Body Mass Index (BMI) that could just as easily be measured privately by a pediatrician.

And then there’s the potential cost of this bill. According to the bill’s Fiscal Note & Local Impact Statement, the bill could cost the state as much as $6 million to create a new physical fitness assessment. This is not to mention the growth of the Ohio Department of Education bureaucracy, which could need nine additional staff members at an annual cost of $765,000. The bill will also pass new costs to local communities and schools.

But hey, who’s worried about the cost? You’ll always have the Gang of 5 to raise taxes again if the budget gets too out of hand.

So, what’s my point? Simply this…

Yeah, Dave Yost received these senators’ endorsements. But what do these endorsements say about Dave Yost? These senators are pretty much telling us what we have known all along, that Yost has become the candidate that establishment insiders are most comfortable with. He is the favored candidate of establishment politicians who like to tax, spend, and grow government so they can decide what’s best for us in various facets of our lives. Dave Yost is the candidate endorsed by the very same people who have again and again pushed Ohio conservatives to the margins, alienated the Republican base, and lost elections to Democrats.

And let’s not forget, Dave Yost wants to be your Auditor of State. He wants to be the guy who makes sure that your tax dollars are being spent wisely, who will be in charge of holding government accountable to the taxpayers. Doesn’t it make you pause for just a minute when you consider that Dave Yost is the guy the tax hikers trust to protect the taxpayer?

But hey, is Dave really guilty by association here? Not really, but the company he’s keeping these days sure has proven interesting. Then again, though, maybe these endorsements aren’t really about Dave at all. Maybe these tax and spend Republican establishment senators just don’t want a Certified Public Accountant watching them like a hawk. They probably would be far better off with a one term county auditor with no professional training in auditing, especially one who will be beholden to them for their endorsements.

Oh, by the way: Dave, congrats on the endorsements! We all knew a few would come in eventually.

UPDATE: Please see my statement on State Sen. Jimmy Stewart.

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  • Tyler Fehrman  On March 4, 2010 at 11:38 pm

    Nate –

    What happened to the Ronald Reagan days of Conservatism? You’re probably making the Gipper roll over in his grave… poor guy.

    1. Reagan said that the 11th commandment was that: “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican” – Something you’ve obviously taken to quite a bit.

    2. Reagan was a die hard Conservative (“I’m a Goldwater man” comes to mind). Reagan won 49 of 50 states in the ’84 election against Mondale. I can’t wait to see your post: “Reagan was supported by __dem__dem__dem__RINO__dem (fill in the blanks), what does that say about him?” post…

    Try and mix some common sense with your Tea-Party politics. I’ve managed to.

    • Nate Nelson  On March 5, 2010 at 12:37 am

      Hey Tyler. Please tell Chairman DeWine I say hello, and hugs and kisses.

  • Tickedoff2  On March 5, 2010 at 7:15 am

    Nate — Thank you for this valuable information.

    Tyler — Screw the so-called 11th commandment. How dare you try to resurrect that old thing after 8 years with President George W. Bush.


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