Smash Mouth Politics Doesn’t Use teh Spell Check

And he probably has a small penis, too. Yeah, I said it. In response to this, and this, and this, and maybe a little of this, I left the following comment at SMP:

I’ve got to concur with Little Miss Attila. You already come off looking like a complete ass for suggesting that anyone who disagrees with or dislikes Glenn Beck sucks and should be equated with Charles Johnson. Charles Johnson, really?

But as much as that makes you look like an ass, you are only compounding your own, shall we say, asshat status by not using spell check.

Ironically, you’ve probably gotten more traffic from Dan Riehl than you usually get on a normal day (I’m guessing about two hits). Enjoy it while you can, for now those of us who are just Charles Johnson wannabes — although, I really prefer Dan Riehl’s Army myself — will relegate you to the status of guy we don’t link to because he can’t spell and calls people names to compensate for his own inadequacies. And when I say inadequacies, yep, I do mean what you’re thinking.

Comment reproduced here simply because I thought it was awesome, and I strongly suspect that Douchebag Beck Worshipper Smash Mouth Politics will find it less awesome and, y’know, delete it. Besides, more people are likely to see it here than at his blog since, y’know, no one visits his blog.

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  • John Doe  On March 9, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    Oh, whine, another dumb hick spelling nazi. yens put up wid dat shiiit on this p.o.s. blog that is too ashaymed two put its blog stats up? Yeehaw! I’m the first visitor twoday! Dew eye win a priz?

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