Dave Yost for Ohio Auditor of State

From the Rust Belt endorses Delaware County prosecutor Dave Yost for Ohio Auditor of State.

It is no secret that this blog viewed Mr. Yost as a weaker candidate for Auditor of State than his primary opponent, State Representative and Certified Public Accountant Seth Morgan. It would be disingenuous to try to brush aside all of the many words that have been written here in support of Rep. Morgan and in opposition to Mr. Yost. I do not regret my support for Seth Morgan in this primary campaign, nor do I regret that I aggressively challenged Mr. Yost on both qualifications and issues.

But the primary is over. Voters in Ohio now face a clear choice. They can choose a true conservative who has spent his time as both a county auditor and a county prosecutor holding government accountable. Or they can choose his Democrat opponent, David Pepper, whose only qualification for the job is that he has a lot of his family’s money to throw around.

Sure, this blog has raised questions about whether a one term county auditor and current county prosecutor was more qualified than a CPA to be our Auditor of State. But isn’t someone with the experience of a county auditor and prosecutor more qualified than a man whose only experience is that of a county commissioner? It is time for the Ohio Democratic Party and David Pepper to tell Ohio voters just what it is, besides his family money, that makes Mr. Pepper a serious candidate for Auditor of State. Mr. Redfern, Mr. Pepper, we’re waiting.

Meanwhile, I plan to spend from now until November explaining to the voters of Ohio why I believe Dave Yost is a vastly superior candidate to David Pepper. I’ll start by saying that the citizens of Athens County have seen his passion for fighting corruption and holding government accountable first hand. Mr. Yost served as the special prosecutor in the case against former Athens County Democratic Chairwoman Susan Gwinn. Yost worked hard to ensure that she was held accountable for her violation of campaign finance law. She was found guilty of two first-degree misdemeanors and had to resign her position as chairwoman of the Athens County Democratic Party.

Dave Yost did that. That’s the kind of Auditor of State we can all be sure that Mr. Yost will be. He will root out corruption, hold government accountable, and protect Ohio taxpayers. What kind of experience does David Pepper have to prove that he will do the same?

Now that primary season is over, it is important for the center-right majority in this state to remember what this election is really about. This election is about getting Ohio back on track. It’s about creating jobs and lowering taxes to help Ohio families and create an atmosphere that is friendly to businesses that will get Ohioans working again. As our next Auditor of State, Dave Yost will hold government accountable and make sure that your tax dollars are spent wisely.

We need someone with Dave Yost’s experience in standing up to corruption and holding government accountable in the Auditor of State’s office. David Pepper doesn’t have that experience. We need someone like Dave Yost, with his commitment to conservative principles, sitting on the Apportionment Board responsible for legislative redistricting. The primary is over. It is time for both Yost and Morgan supporters to unite behind this truly conservative candidate to keep the Auditor of State’s office and its seat on the Apportionment Board.

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  • Julius  On August 15, 2010 at 11:26 am

    Background: My wife filed for divorce (case 07DRA10469) due to my ignorant abusive behavior (case
    06CRB02540). A temporary court order removed me from my home (case 07DRA10469, Temporary Order,
    filed Oct 05, 07, pg.2, no.6) and she was provided assistance with food stamps and childcare for our five
    children. A misunderstanding by the Magistrate (case 07DRA10469 Magistrate’s Orders, filed Nov 20, 07,
    pg.7, no.8, 2nd sentence; received Nov 26, 07) allowed me to return to my home about two months later, the
    opportunity to apologize and attempt to reconcile. My wife and her lawyer continued to try to remove me from
    the home, yet without success. Eventually, my wife and I reconciled.
    Now comes the Delaware County Prosecutor along with Delaware County Jobs and Family Services charging
    my wife with theft, including $5,000 for benefits she received during the period the court order removed me
    removed from my home and $4,400 from amounts already repaid and previously agreed upon to pay for food
    stamps (Account no. 5074673301, with Delaware County Jobs and Family Services). Without this $9,400 the
    charges against my wife are significantly diminished. Over a year ago there was no response when my wife sent
    a letter requesting repayment arrangements for the childcare similar to her repayment arrangement for food
    stamps. My offer to liquidate my retirement savings in order to repay this debt within the limits of the law was
    not accepted.
    Please help me understand how Ohio, Delaware County, the Prosecutor, and Jobs and Family Services are
    benefited from seeking to charge my wife instead of accepting repayment and restitution? We are repaying the
    food stamps and are willing to repay childcare. The evil these two entities seek against my family is greater
    than the evil of my past abusive behavior, from which I was fittingly corrected. How much more then should
    these two be responsible to do right?
    I am not an expert in these matters, therefore have I sent this letter to you, my elected or appointed officials. If
    you have no responsibility concerning this please accept my apology for the interruption. Howbeit, if according
    to your oath of service you have responsibility, God help you to do those things that are fair, good, and just. I
    request this as one who in times past persecuted my family; (though I did it ignorantly) having received
    redemption I am now compelled seek help to protect and hold my family together, as this is right before God.
    Please help me understand why after I have worked very hard to make things right that these two entities will
    not accept restitution? I was the monster in the house. I cannot find the right in my family suffering so great a
    disruption because my wife did everything possible to escape the monster in the house. Please hear my appeal
    for help.

    I sent this email to Dave Yost, Mona Reilly, and Everett Krueger; no one has responded yet.


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