Commenting Policy

This blog’s policy on comments is simple: I believe in freedom of speech, so I believe you have the freedom to say whatever you want to say — within reason.

Because I could be held legally responsible, I will not tolerate comments that include libel, any form of character defamation, tortitious interference with contracts, or any other material that might be legally questionable. The definition of these terms is left exclusively to my discretion. If you have something to say about someone, you better have hard evidence to back up whatever you’re saying. I will not tolerate the posting of personal information about anyone who wishes to remain anonymous, including his or her name. I will also not tolerate threats of harm against myself, any other commentator, any individual or group, or especially any politician. Such comments will be immediately deleted and copies forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

Aside from these basic guidelines, knock yourselves out. I will not censor comments because I disagree with them, because they’re getting a little heated, or even because they contain profanity. I think people who resort to ad hominem attacks and gratuitous use of profanity do so because their arguments are weak. But I’m not your mother and we’re all adults, so I’m not going to tell you what kind of arguments or language to use, or how and when to use them.

Fair warning, though: All correspondence is bloggable unless you specifically request otherwise.


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